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How to Choose the Best Local Murder Charges Defense Attorney

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Life is nothing more than a series of difficult lessons stitched together over time. Although time is relative, the mistakes and lessons we learn are not. With this said, no matter what the reason was, you are now facing a murder charge and are likely unsure of what to do next or who to work with to create the best murder charges defense possible.

Fortunately, by knowing what to look for in a qualified murder charges defense attorney, you can find the representation that’s right for you and lighten your load significantly in the blink of an eye.

  • Analyze Their Track Record

When trying to find the best attorney for any kind of case, their track record is key. Think of it as a server at a restaurant for a moment. A server can work at a restaurant for thirty years and be subpar at best. However, a server that has worked there for two years may have the best reviews imaginable and a track record to prove it. At the end of the day, the server with the proven track record is most certainly the one you will want to be served by.

In the same way, the track record of a defense attorney can sometimes be even more valuable than their experience and their credentials combined.

  • Determine if They Have Won Similar Cases to Yours

The next thing you will want to look at when determining what local murder charges defense attorney is right for you is the cases in particular and whether they have won them or not. Having a lot of wins on their record is great. However, if the ones that are most like yours are losses, it might not matter.

Therefore, check their entire track record, find similar cases to your own, see how they handled them, and don’t be afraid to confront them regarding this in person. A high-quality defense attorney will respect your concern and happily discuss their background in murder offenses with you before moving forward.

  • Field Multiple Options Before Making a Decision

Even after finding a few potential options, you will want to field each one before making a decision. The reason for this is that your attorney truly can make or break your entire case. Take the situation seriously, weigh your options, and find the best pick guaranteed before officially choosing the one for you.

In this way, you will likely shorten your sentence and receive leniency from a well-planned defense.

  • Look for Dedication and Pride in Their Work

The final thing you will want to analyze before making a decision is the level of dedication and pride your potential attorney has in their work. Going back to the server analogy, if you see someone sloppily cleaning tables and acting very unenthusiastically on the floor, you will likely not want this person to serve you.

However, if you see someone cheerfully cleaning tables, taking the time to sweep between guests, and actually visibly enjoying their day, you will feel as though they take pride in their job and are dedicated to you making them a better option overall.

In the end, murder charges are never something to be taken lightly but, by working with the right attorney, you can move forward from this moment and learn from it in the process. If you are in need of a murder charges defense attorney in Clay County, call us today at Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami & Andux, P.A., for a consultation and a strategy that makes sense! We’ll help you get back on your feet in no time!