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Hiring A Sex Crimes Defense attorney with experience For Your Case

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one have been charged with sexual battery or lewd battery in Florida, you need an experienced sex crimes defense attorney to represent you. At Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami & Andux, P.A., we have years of experience defending those facing these serious criminal offenses. We have helped defend individuals charged with many sexual crimes including: conduct or exhibition, unlawful sex with a minor, lewd assault/battery, capital sexual battery, video voyeurism, traveling to meet a minor, sexual assault or sexual battery.

About Sex Crimes

Ultimately, Florida takes sex crime charges seriously. The sooner we start formulating your defense, the greater the chance of having your charged either reduced or dropped. Our experience and immense knowledge of the law allow us to defend any type of client accused in these circumstances. Maybe that’s why our clients recommend us so highly, and we are one of the leading defense attorney law firms in the local area. We offer consultations where we will review the charges against you and explain the legal process ahead. We can immediately begin to investigate your case and to devise defense strategies that will help you get the results you want and deserve.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation With a Sex Crimes Defense Attorney in Florida Today

If you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Florida, call to schedule a free consultation with a sex crimes defense lawyer in Florida today. There is more law regarding these cases than you could ever research on your own. This is not the time to “wing it,’ your professional reputation and personal freedom are on the line. The experienced legal professionals at the law firm of Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami & Andux, P.A. are familiar with all sex crime laws and will work hard to get you what you need.  Contact our Jacksonville, Florida office at 904-717-7747 and let us be your legal advocates.