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Why You Should Absolutely Work With a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2020 | Personal Injury

Riding a motorcycle is a truly exhilarating experience. Despite this, as with any vehicle, your ability to maneuver correctly and pay attention to exterior traffic is the key to being safe on the road. However, even with the most experienced motorcyclists, accidents happen. When these kinds of situations occur, it can be hard to know what to do next or how to resolve the situation.

Fortunately, by simply finding a reputable motorcycle accident attorney in your area and choosing to work with them, you can take this accident and swiftly resolve it in the best way possible. With this said, below are just a few of the reasons a motorcycle accident attorney can help to get you prepared for your court date to streamline the work and hassle associated with the accident.

  • Most Motorcycle Accidents are not the Motorcyclists Fault

The first thing people think of when they typically think of motorcyclists are people zipping through traffic, making careless decisions on the road, and causing accidents because of wheelies and cut-offs. However, an experienced motorcyclist respects the laws of the road and may still find themselves in an accident situation despite it.

With this said, while a lot of motorcyclists are afraid of being blamed for the accident and not having proof to refute this, the truth is that a highly experienced attorney will be able to state the case appropriately and prove the innocence of the motorcyclist with ease. After all, most motorcycle accidents are not the motorcyclist’s fault but, through bad representation, they are blamed for the accident and forced to pay for the damage done.

In fact, during research conducted by the   during 2003, it was found that in all motorcycle accidents occurring between motorcyclists and cars, the motorcyclist was either not at fault or less at fault than the other driver 80 percent of the time. So, why take the risk of being found at fault in court by accident when you can have a professional on your side from day one?

  • A Good Case in Court is Essential

Although you are well within your rights to state your own case during an accident court hearing, with the predisposition that motorcyclists are to blame looming over your head at all times, the case you make is what can make or break you in court.

This is why having a motorcycle accident attorney is crucial to creating the best case with the most admissible evidence possible. An experienced attorney will have dealt with similar cases to your own multiple times in the past and will be able to separate the important details from the less important ones to create a solid case for your court date.

  • A High-Quality Motorcycle Accident Attorney is Experienced

Just as you likely wouldn’t leave your car repairs, home repairs, or surgeries to yourself, you shouldn’t leave your court cases to yourself. The reason we pay for plumbers to fix our sinks or for mechanics to fix our engines is that we recognize that their experience makes them better qualified to solve the problem at hand.

Similarly, a high-quality motorcycle accident attorney has likely spent decades in the system crafting cases, compiling evidence, and finding out information you likely would not be able to find out on your own with the time allotted to you. With this said, the biggest reason to work with a motorcycle accident attorney is due to their countless years of experience and what this brings to the table in exchange.

If you are looking for a highly experienced motorcycle accident attorney in the Clay County, Florida area,  ! Together, we will make your case as solid as possible and help you to get back out on the road in style!