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Hire An Experienced Jacksonville, Florida Family Law Attorney

It’s not uncommon for the thought of a divorce to be more than you can bear. Divorce does not tend to bring out the best in parties, but quite the opposite, and it is hard to navigate through the maze of family law that will be applicable to your case alone. This is why you need an experienced Jacksonville family lawyer by your side during this difficult time. Our legal team has the necessary experience to represent you and to guide you through all of the family-related legal issues associated with divorce in Florida. Our family law attorneys take a level-headed and compassionate approach to work with clients who are facing difficult decisions. Our legal team is passionate about managing the nuances of the law, but it’s our calm demeanor that clients find so reassuring and make us so successful at what we do.

How A Divorce Attorney Can Help

It’s advisable that you don’t go through a divorce in Florida alone, and this is not the time to ask your co-workers advice on family law issues. It would help if you had an experienced attorney who will be able to help you to reach the most equitable conclusions and resolution to your divorce under your specific circumstances. As your divorce attorney, we can speak on your behalf and help guide you through this process as quickly as possible to the best result for your situation. We understand all divorce laws in the State of Florida and can uphold them in all legal proceedings for our clients.

Child Timesharing And Visitations Rights

We understand how important these rights are to families. We will take the time to investigate the relationship between both parents and their child/children. From there, we will negotiate the appropriate child timesharing and visitation rights arrangements that will work for your children and their situation. Our goal is to get the best possible plan intact for the best interest of the child/children and be sensitive to the specific needs of each child/children during this process.

Spousal Support

If it is deemed you are the payor or payee of spousal support, we can closely evaluate all of the necessary factors associated with support in order to determine a fair monthly payment. We also can help determine if the court may order temporary or permanent support. This will depend on one party’s need for the alimony/support and the other party’s ability to pay. Our legal team has years of experience negotiating spousal support payments in Florida, and we are ready to help you with your divorce today.

Child Support

Child support is another legal issue related to divorce. We can effectively determine a fair payment for child support. We will look into schooling costs, insurance costs, daycare costs, and other necessary factors that will influence the amount of payment needed to take care of the child’s needs throughout the year.

Paternity Disputes

If there is a paternity dispute associated with your child, we can help arrange for the administering of a verified DNA test to establish paternity. From there, we can discuss child custody and visitation as well as establish child support.

Divorce Settlement Modifications

When you would like a modification to an existing divorce settlement, our family law attorney can help advise and guide you through the modification process.

Schedule A Consultation Today With A Professional Family Law Attorney

At Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami & Andux, we offer legal consultations to those needing our legal expertise. To learn more about our legal services and to speak to a family law attorney today, call 904-717-7747 or contact us online. We are ready to compassionately and professionally discuss the sensitive issues of your family law case. We represent those in Jacksonville and all surrounding Florida communities.

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Over 100 years of combined experience.